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Welcome To Chikkaiah Naiker College

The Goals and Objectives of the Institution

The College aims at empowering young men and women by developing human capabilities through quality education based on moral values, making them responsible citizens who can create new things for the advancement of the society and to contribute towards nation building, thereby helping them fulfill their educational, emotional and social aspirations.


  • To enhance the quality of life of young men and women through the development of individuals.
  • To equip students in problem solving and crisis management skills.
  • To give preference to the upliftment of rural and the economically & socially disadvantaged youth.
  • To enable young men and women to make effective contribution to the economic, social and political development of india.

Institutional Mission and Goals Reflected in the Curriculam

In order to augment the students' employment and self-employment opportunities, application oriented subjects like Entrepreneurial Development, Financial Manangement , Industrial Economics , English for mass communication ,English for Competitive Examinations, Human Rights, Journalism, Tourism, Advertising and Sales Promotion, Computer Applications,Solid waste Management, Industrial Chemistry, Treatment of Water, Fundamentals of Information Technology, Medicinal Botany, Genetic Counseling , Pathology and Clinical Laboratory Technology, Environmental Biology, Developmental Biology, Organisational Behaviour and Yoga for Human Excellence have been made part of the Curriculum. In addition, conduct of special classes, remedial courses, periodical tests, model examinations and supplying study materials to students are regular features.

Major considerations ( Education, Training, Employment, Equal Opportunities ) addressed by the Goals and Objectives

  1. Education at low cost / free education for SC/STs and other weaker sections is provided as per Government guidelines.
  2. Students are trained to take up competitive examinations.
  3. Personality development programs and Employment Opportunities are provided through the Career Guidance Cell of the college.
  4. Students are given equal opportunities in matters regarding education, training and avenues for employment.
  5. Job oriented training is given to all students through Application Oriented Subjects(AOS). The students undergo Institutional training for the above subjects for a minimum period of 2 weeks during the final year of study.